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Welcome to our 2015 season!

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La Rue's ReturnJune 18, 2015 - September 19, 2015

Poor Polly Montclair!  Robbed by her fiancé, evil Jacques La Rue, her health and saloon are now failing.  Though sent to prison, La Rue has been released and may be returning for revenge.  Can the Cavalry, in the form of Lt. Alan Wexstad, save the day?  Find out in this melodrama spoof set in New Orleans, which brings the charm of the French Quarter and the creepiness of the bayou swamp to Oceano!


Beginning July 18th, La Rue’s Return and A Four-Legged Fortune will play on alternate evenings.  Check our Show Calendar page for specific dates and times.

Tickets now available online!


Ticket availability and reservations are now available online!

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We’re all about the personal touch here at the Melodrama. Feel free to call us to make sure you get the seats you want! The best way to make reservations (other than online) is to call our box office at (805) 489-2499.

Upcoming Shows

Events on July 4, 2015
La Rue's Return
3:00 pm
Events on July 5, 2015
La Rue's Return
6:00 pm
Events on July 8, 2015
La Rue's Return
7:00 pm
Events on July 9, 2015
La Rue's Return
7:00 pm
Events on July 10, 2015
La Rue's Return
7:00 pm

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